Improve and develop your leadership and management skills with our ILM Assured Leadership and Management Training Package

Leadership and Management Training Courses


Learn anytime, anywhere with our online leadership and management training courses. Designed to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence of your leaders and managers, helping your business to grow and meet its goals.

CPD-Approved Online Leadership and Management Courses​

With over 25 years' experience of designing and developing online leadership and management training, we’ve built up a vast and diverse catalogue of ready-to-go training that meets the core requirements of most businesses.

Covering everything from The Role of the Manager and Personal Effectiveness through to Understanding Yourself and Managing Change, our learning ensures your employees gain a deeper understanding of relevant leadership and management skills.

Whether public or private sector, or small or large organisations, our course catalogue has been developed for all industries. So, whatever your training requirements, we have the course perfect for your needs.


High-Quality Online Leadership and Management Courses

Our collection of Leadership and Management training courses covers everything you need to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence of your leaders and managers, helping your business to grow and meet its goals. With over 100 high-quality online Leadership and Management courses we cover essentials topics including;

Pay As You Go Online Courses

Ideal for individual & small teams.

If you’re simply looking to purchase a variety of essential health and safety courses for a small number of employees or team, all our training is available online and on-demand on a pay as you go basis.

What do you get?

  • Simply browse our online catalogue.
  • Pick and choose the right courses for you and your organisation, including from over 100 CPD certified health and safety courses.
  • Access your training anytime, anywhere through our easy-to-use learning management system.
  • Buy more courses as and when you need.
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Build Your Own Training Package

Perfect for training medium to large teams and workforces. 

If you’re looking to train a large team or entire workforce across a wide range of health and safety topics, our Build Your Own Package provides a simple and flexible solution.

What do you get?

  • As many licences as you require.
  • A choice of up to 30 courses from our large catalogue of quality-assured digital courses, including over 100 CPD certified health and safety courses.
  • Access to our learning management system, allowing your learners to access their training anytime, anywhere.

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Easy to use Learning Management System

All of our courses and training packages are delivered through our own easy-to-use Learning Management System, Enable.

Work with us to personalise your learning pathways, share content and track and report on learner progress, all from one simple, easy-to-access location.

With Enable, your people can learn anytime, anywhere. Already have a learning management system? Not a problem, we can support by seamlessly sharing our content into your existing platform.

✔ Easy setup and onboarding
✔ Report & measure performance
✔ No in-house tech requirement
✔ Keep track of results
✔ Make training accessible to all
✔ Support employees globally


Learner Certification

Whether you’re looking to complete our full Leadership & Management training suite or an individual bitesize Leadership & Management course, all our online training courses come with downloadable and printable certificates of achievement, ideal for showcasing your newfound skills, knowledge and experience.

CPD Approved and ILM Assured Training

Each of our individual Leadership and Management courses are CPD certified.

Courses which are CPD certified have been recognised as meeting the high standards and benchmarking requirements set out by the CPD Certification Service. At Virtual College, our CPD certified courses help professionals to work towards a recognised CPD certification. Almost every business and organisation will acknowledge the merit behind a CPD certification.

Our Leadership and Management Package, containing all 8 individual courses is ILM assured, which guarantees that it provides the greatest standard of knowledge and experience within leadership training and development.

  • Understand Yourself | Coaching
  • The Role of the Manager | Communication
  • Personal Effectiveness | Managing Teams
  • Performance Management | Managing Change

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Our dedicated team can work with you to build your own training package unique to your business.

✔ Choose up to 30 titles for your learners from a catalogue of over 200 quality-assured courses.

✔ Purchase as many licenses as you need.

✔ Access, track, and manage training through our LMS.

✔ Upload your own content and let your learners access everything they need in one place.

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Dedicated Support

We believe in looking after our customers and learners.

In addition to a whole host of easily accessible support content, our dedicated customer and learner support team are always on hand to help and guide you in the right direction.


Whilst we think our training is great, don’t just take our word for it…


Leadership and Management FAQs

  • What is a manager?

    A manager is often responsible for a team or department within the workplace. They often have a day-to-day relationship with their team and will be the decision maker. A manager’s role will vary depending on the type of workplace they are in but they are often responsible for budgets, the team they work in, the goals or outcomes of the team and much more.

  • What is a leader?

    A leader is someone who has the vision to see how things can be improved and is able to lead a team on the journey to making that vision happen. A good leader will have a positive effect on the team working with them and is a source of motivation and drive to make things happen. Leaders are not only applicable in the workplace but in every day life such as Prime Ministers, parents and other prominent figures.

  • What is the difference between leadership and management?

    Though the roles are very similar and have many crossovers, there are still significant differences between leaders and managers. A leader’s main role is to lead a group of people toward a main goal whereas a manager will manage the team and hold responsibility for things such as budgets and equipment. Leaders will often have management responsibilities too, which are often judged to be the signs of a good leader. Managers can move into leadership and the two roles commonly work in unison.

  • Why is leadership and management important?

    Leadership and management is important in the workplace because without them there would be no decision makers, no strategy for the direction the business is going in and no one would be responsible for the outcomes of the teams and departments. Leaders and Managers are not only essential to the smooth running of the business but are also good for morale of the team.