La Stazione Case Study

The Challenge

La Stazione wanted to ensure their staff were not only trained in food hygiene but that there was a means of testing their understanding.

Local authorities are responsible for enforcing food hygiene laws. To do this, enforcement officers may visit business premises without notice to inspect them. Phil Jones, co-owner of La Stazione, commented: “Quite apart from the legal considerations, it is vital to our customers that we maintain the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.

“We just cannot afford to take any risks with food hygiene. It takes a long time to build a reputation but it can be lost in seconds.”

About La Stazione

Serving over 140,000 coffees a year, La Stazione is a bustling, friendly cafe bar. It is located next to the railway station in the heart of Ilkley, a spa town in Yorkshire with a heritage and surrounding countryside which are conducive to its thriving tourist industry.

La Stazione was founded in 2008 by much travelled and experienced Italian, Enzo Piscicelli, and bears the hallmark of his many years serving up the Italian way of doing things.

Offering a wide range of drinks, traditional panini, homemade pastas, fresh sandwiches and salads, La Stazione operates in a highly competitive environment, and prides itself on its great service and high quality standards to help generate and maintain customer loyalty.

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Online learning can provide a flexible and cost effective solution, allowing staff to train at a time and pace which is convenient to them.
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Phil Jones, co-owner of La Stazione

The Solution

Virtual College has a wide range of courses for staff at different levels and with varied occupations within the food industry. These courses are self-paced so learners can decide how fast or slow the training goes and can revisit the training material, even after the course has been completed. Phil added: “Online learning can provide a flexible and cost effective solution, allowing staff to train at a time and pace which is convenient to them.“

The Results

“Ilkley is highly competitive with an abundance of pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes and as an independent business, every penny counts, “Phil explained.

“Although the cost of training is an important consideration and online learning helps us in this respect, nothing is more important than ensuring the highest standards of food hygiene are maintained.

“It’s like taking a driving test. You don’t just need to pass, you need to make sure that you are always delivering to the highest standards.”

“We are proud to display our Virtual College training certificate. It’s important to let our customers know that we take food hygiene seriously.”

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