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Chantelle Wright Learns a new Skill Everyday With Virtual College Apprenticeships


Chantelle Wright

Employer: Campus Industries

Role: Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship: Digital Marketing Level 3

What led you to enrol on an apprenticeship?

The main thing that led me to enrol onto the apprenticeship was that I was looking for a new job as I wanted change from what I was currently doing. As I had no experience working in Digital Marketing, I wanted to learn skills in the area but as I have already been to university I didn’t want to go back again to learn these new skills.

After a little bit of research, I decided that an apprenticeship would be the right choice for me. I really like that Virtual College is online for the most part, this means that I spend all my time in the office in the work environment and don’t have to spend time at college like with a traditional apprenticeship.

I also feel like getting that experience working in the industry is something that will greatly improve my CV.

What are you enjoying most so far?

What I am enjoying the most is all the new skills that I am learning. I feel like every day I learn a new skill or improve on one. Even though I am only half way through the apprenticeship I already feel like my knowledge has greatly improved.

I am enjoying that I am getting this hands on experience working on the job and having responsibilities around the office.

This is the first job that I have worked in an office so it’s great getting experience of doing this while still learning and completing my work for my apprenticeship. It’s also fun getting to see inside the businesses of the clients we are working with such as NowTV and The Economist.

How would you rate the quality of your training programme?

I would rate the quality of the training programme really highly. Virtual College are great at supporting and helping you. Even though the technical training is online, you still have constant contact and communication with your tutor and sessions afterwards. They are always just an email away!

There is also so much information available online on the LMS which means even if it is a quiet period at work there is always something to be getting on with to better my skills. We also get regular work visits where I can catch up with my tutor to see where I am at with my work and what needs doing/ completing next. It is also a great chance to ask any questions that I may have.

How would you rate our bespoke LMS/online live classroom facility?

I think the LMS and online classroom facility are both great. With the LMS, all the e-learning modules that need completing can be located easily and are always available so I can work through these at my own pace. It also means if I am stuck with something at work but I know there is some learning around this, then I can go on to complete that learning module to help me out with my job.

I find the online classroom facility really good! At first I thought it may be a little weird and wasn’t sure what to expect but I love it now.

What was your view on apprenticeships before becoming one yourself?

Before joining the apprenticeship I didn’t know all that much about them! It was something I started to research just before starting it. I think they are a great way to learn.

When job hunting for younger people the problem a lot of us go through is that when you apply for jobs they want you to have experience. With an apprenticeship you are getting that experience while learning which is perfect! I think if I had known more about apprenticeships before, then this could have been a great route for me instead of university.

Would you recommend Virtual College Apprenticeships to others?

I would definitely recommend Virtual College Apprenticeships to others! I love the ease of not having to go into college and being able to work from the same place (my office) all the time. I also think the help and support that they provide is amazing and they really want to help you to succeed.

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