Croydon Churches Housing Association (CCHA): Embracing e-learning to streamline efficiencies

CCHA are a social housing provider with a focus on quality homes and excellent customer care. They have over 1500 homes including social housing, shared ownership and outright sales resulting in a fluctuating workforce with a constant need for skills development and compliance training.

We were on hand to support when they needed us and have achieved a 98% completion rate for each course, received a 'Good' overall learner satisfaction to date and CCHA have classed the overall project a success.

“Overall it reduced our training time by 50% with no loss of quality” CCHA

“The account management is excellent and our representative very helpful.” CCHA

The Challenge

They have a fluctuating workforce but are predicting to grow. The learners require training to develop their knowledge and skills to fulfil their job roles and help provide excellent customer care.

The aim was to offer essential training when employees have limited time and help staff learn around their own work schedule. CCHA wanted to find quality online training at a reasonable cost.

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What was Delivered

  • A comprehensive online training package: rolled out to all learners
  • A curated training subscription including safeguarding, equality & diversity, personal safety, anti-social behaviour & conflict resolution
  • An improved administration journey & intuitive access to training courses

How we Supported Them

  • Helped build a package of courses that would suit their needs
  • Provided a dedicated account manager who kept regular contact & made sure to talk through the package
  • We were on hand to support when needed


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The Results

  • Reduced their training time by 50% with no loss of quality & 98% completion rate for each course
  • 80% of learners have benefitted from the training
  • Good overall learner satisfaction



The Benefits


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