Hopwood Hall College and University Centre

Creating a positive learning experience

Hopwood Hall College offer a wide range of online courses to school’s leavers, adult learners, and employers, including apprenticeships.

They wanted to create a more seamless learning journey for their students and staff, as well as expand their community learning offering.

We provided them with an intuitive LMS that houses Virtual College’s digital courses as well as their own digital resources to support their community learning and staff training.

“The support has been brilliant” HHCUC

“Virtual College’s LMS was the best system we had seen” HHCUC


The Challenge

Students and staff had to be physically present within the college to access their online training via the College’s VLE, which meant their their training couldn't be accessed remotely.

They also wanted to create a better learning journey for their learners and expand their community learning offering to attract more students to the College. 

The aim was to provide them with a vast range of digital courses and house their training in one place on a Learning Management System, at a reasonable cost.

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What was Delivered

  • An intuitive LMS with built in reporting and content creation capabilities.
  • A vast range of digital courses including Safeguarding, Leadership and Management.
  • An efficient reporting system

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How we Supported Them

  • Listened to their requirements on matching digital courses to their community learning offering.
  • Helping them create an improved and seamless learner journey
  • Provided dedicated account management throughout
  • Dedicated customer support when required

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The Results

  • 2,600 active users within their Student Domain
  • 850 active users within their Staff Domain
  • The best system Hopwood College has used

What they had to say

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