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LMS User Guides for Organisation Administrators

These LMS user guides for Organisation Administrators will give you all the information you need including how to assess learner competencies and set targets.

Assessing Learner Competencies and Setting Targets

This LMS user guide explains how to assess the competencies assigned to a job role and set development targets

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Batch Uploading of Learners

The batch upload feature is designed to allow bulk creation of learners to an organisation of the Learning Management System

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Creating Business Objectives

Business Objectives can be created at Section Level and at Organisational Level in the Learning Management System

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Creating Evaluations

The evaluation functionality enables administrators to gather feedback from their learners about the courses and learning activities undertaken

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Creating Custom Fields

This function allows administrators to add new human resource fields to user records

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User guide that provides instruction on carrying out the main steps in creating a simple e-portfolio course

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Linking Competencies to Courses and Quizzes

These functionalities allow you to allocate a course relative to a competency level. Also to link a competency level to a quiz score

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Personal Development

This is an optional feature which enables organisations to manage their staff/employee personal development via the LMS

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Requested Learning (Admin View)

This is an optional feature which enables organisations to allow their learners to request their own training material

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Standard Operating Procedures

This functionality allows a record of on-the-job training to be kept so that Section Administrators know which staff can operate the equipment / processes

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Training Events

This functionality allows administrators to create scheduled training events through the LMS

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