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Online learning 'revamps law degrees'

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Law students stand to benefit from a bespoke e-learning experience intended to modernise the way the subject is taught.

Combining forces with Toolwire, the University of East London created software which, using photorealistic graphics, provides virtual environments for students to engage with.

It was launched after a Training Framework Review by the Law Society of England and Wales found current teaching methods to be stagnant.

"The traditional law degree has become somewhat ossified. The lecture/seminar format is still an underwhelming student experience for learning," the document stated.

As a remedy to the situation, the new online learning technology utilises characters to guide pupils through a programme that delivers information at the same time as assessing progress.

The course encourages learners to apply concepts to real-life situations.

Toolwire specialises in services and products for experiential learning, but acknowledges that there are some skills which can only be perfected via hands-on work.

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