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E-learning courses 'are positive substitutes for classrooms'

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Online learning courses are appropriate substitutes for traditional classrooms, according to one expert in the US.

Gwinnett Online Campus principal Christopher Ray claimed that his full-time virtual high school provides learners with a pattern of study that is familiar but beneficial, the Gwinnett Daily Post reports. "They're getting the same information they're getting in a classroom ... they just don't have a student sitting on either side of them," he said.

In response to concerns that people will lose out on the experience and fun a traditional college has to offer, Mr Ray explained how those who enrol on online learning programmes will not be "cooped up in a dark room with a laptop by themselves".

In a recent post on the ZDNet blog, marketing vice-president at e-learning provider WiZiO Christopher Dawson suggested his son was "hardly missing out" on the social benefits of attending campus-based courses, as his e-learning studies mean he is flexible enough to spend time with his friends.

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