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E-learning 'not just about saving resources'

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Online learning should not be about saving money on resources, one teacher has suggested. Heidelberg University of Education professor Christian Spannagel told Deutsche Welle that she uses e-learning technology to complement, not replace, physical teaching. She said she does not utilise online learning "for the sake of saving money". "Instead, it helps me use the time in class better by being able to involve students in the conversation more," Ms Spannagel added. The professor explained that she communicates with some of her students through the medium of blogging and commented that 90 per cent of their dialogue passes through email correspondence. She sees forays into social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook as a step too far, stressing that an exchange of academic knowledge should take priority over the temptation to indulge in general conversation. E-learning technology is the foundation of a new interactive scientific challenge for children launched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Today reported.
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