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Online learning schools 'safer than actual classes'

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The safety of students who enrol on e-learning courses is better ensured than those attending physical classes, according to one expert.

James Madison High School and Ashworth College vice-president of education Dr Leslie Gargiulo said her institution's online learning courses offer young people the opportunity to benefit from teaching without having to worry about school bullies.

"We and other online schools understand the frustration felt by the victims of bullying and their families. I'm glad that we can offer them a solution that will help them meet their education goals," she said.

Dr Gargiulo explained how students who enrol on courses at online high schools can guarantee they will be able to learn within the safety of their own homes.

Formed 25 years ago, Ashworth College offers over 115 e-learning courses to learners worldwide from its base in the US state of Georgia, including bachelor degrees in criminal justice, early childhood education and business administration.

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