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Online learning tool earns London Fire Brigade an award

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The London Fire Brigade has been rewarded for its e-learning initiative.

Phil Evans and the rest of the training support team at the London Fire Brigade were given an Individual Special Achievement Award for creating internal online learning software used by managers to enhance the training of its fire-fighting staff.

London mayor Boris Johnson and London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson presented Mr Evans with the honour for outstanding contributions to the Brigade.

Mr Evans said the e-learning programme has proven to be "value for money" as it has saved the brigade "hundreds of thousands of pounds".

"We needed a tool that would run easily on our system ... and that we could utilise to export our courses in different formats," he added.

The technology was implemented using Seminar Author and Knowledge Centre and has assisted managers in educating employees in areas like critical operational training and equality and diversity management.

It was announced last week that European e-learning provider Edvantage will provide training courses to the 5,000 staff at Nordic fitness chain SATS.

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