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Bad behaviour 'due to loss of authority of parents and teachers'

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The behaviour of children across the UK has deteriorated due to a lack of authority from parents and teachers, it has been claimed.

Nick Seaton, secretary of the Campaign for Real Education, said this lack of discipline is impacting on e-learning potential and academic achievement, as distractions in the classroom are putting off the best and brightest, while those who are struggling are less likely to catch up when behaviour is such a big issue.

He commented: "Most teachers and parents would agree with that. Girls used to be a modifying influence on boys' behaviour but unfortunately it seems they are getting as bad as the boys over recent years."

According to the education union ATL, 56 per cent of education staff said that pupil behaviour had got worse over the last five years, while 45 per cent thought it had got worse over the past two years.

Indeed, it found that half thought boys' behaviour had got worse over the past five years and 48 per cent thought girls' behaviour was worse.

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