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E-learning and innovation 'being embraced by businesses of all sizes'

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Businesses of all sizes across the UK are benefiting from the ability to embrace e-learning and new skills in order to thrive in the 21st century retail market, one sector expert has noted.

James Bellini, a business futurologist, said many of the firms that have successfully integrated the latest technologies and innovations are not the big multinationals, but the locksmiths, tailors and other traditional retailers that have simply updated their selling techniques.

"Innovation is also about how you do things. You can sell a traditional product in a very 21st century, digital way by making use of the technologies about," he commented.

According to research carried out by Becrypt, staff are now asking for more flexible working arrangements, for a variety of different reasons, including reduced commuting to save time and costs and to meet environmental commitments.

Furthermore, 38 per cent of public sector organisations now allow people to work from home using their own equipment via a secure connection.

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