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Online learning considered at US school

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Online learning is being considered by a school in the US that is hoping the introduction of technology into the classroom will curb future losses in enrolment figures for the facility. Yuma Elementary School in Arizona is looking into e-learning and has made a submission of an application to become a state-approved online instruction provider as a result. Duane Sheppard, associate superintendent of curriculum and instruction, explained the process remains firmly in the planning stage at the present time. He told the Yuma Sun that no decision on the educational establishment's adoption of e-learning is going to be made until towards the end of April at the earliest. It was noted the application had been written in broad terms, in order to give the facility the chance to make amendments to its online learning plans further down the line. Mr Sheppard explained one of the main benefits to be achieved through the adoption of e-learning is that full-time online students will be funded at 95 per cent of the level that other full-time public school students are and young people across the state will be able to enrol. However, there is concern at Yuma Elementary that offering e-learning could lead to some individuals who are not dedicated to their studies signing up to the scheme. But Mr Sheppard added those students who do enrol to online learning courses at the institution will have to study for the same number of hours as those who attend classes face-to-face. Dr David Guralnick, president of the International E-Learning Association, recently gave an insight into some of the technological advances that the online learning industry could be set to take advantage of in the coming years, with artificially-intelligent teaching said to be on the verge of acceptance after being in development for a long time.
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