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Technology 'the future of classroom learning'

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Computers, mobile devices and similar gadgets will become increasingly integrated into classroom teaching over the next five years. This is the view of e-learning expert Simon Hay, who has claimed in a post for the Telegraph that in future, schoolchildren will be using technology for a range of tasks, including looking up French vocabulary and making video recordings of scientific experiments. He expressed his gladness at the fact that the days of booking computer rooms for IT lessons are fading, as the transition to using technology in the classroom is becoming seamless. "Now that schools have moved away from desktop computing and have embraced approaches such as bring your own device, there is increased flexibility in the way in which technology is used," Mr Hay said. This is despite the fact that several years ago, pupils would have landed in serious trouble for using a mobile device during lesson time. By embracing these devices, schools are allowing students to engage with teaching in a way that is familiar to them, and it marks a positive step away from traditional, less creative educational models. It also means that children who might not otherwise be exposed to gadgets such as tablets and smartphones learn valuable digital skills. Indeed, it was recently suggested by executive director of the Mozilla Foundation Mark Surman that digital literacy is just as vital as learning how to read, write and do maths. Mr Hay stated the UK is heading towards a third wave of computing in schools. While it used to be the norm for a large group of pupils to share one computer, now it is about one-on-one technology. He explained: "In the future, each teacher and student will interact with dozens of computers as they go about their day, without giving it much thought." Not all institutions will be up to speed with the best technology, and those that have yet to make the most of the options available to them would benefit from some of the online solutions offered by West Yorkshire-based training provider Virtual College. These include learning management systems, online modules and introductory courses for teachers.
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