Are you prepared to save a life?

Our Prepared to Save a Life course takes less than an hour, just five short 10 minute sections and you might be able to save someone's life! ….a friend, work colleague, mother, father, brother, sister, child…might thank you one day.


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Are you Prepared to Save a Life?

Thanks for visiting our Prepared to Save a Life page. We’d love to get you involved in our mission to get a life saver on every street corner. All we ask is that you take two minutes to watch our video and then you can decide if you want to get involved.

What's involved?  Merely taking this free online course is all we ask - so that, if you witness or come across an emergency situation, you would know what to do to help save a life - and that's it. Just five ten minute sections covering DR ABC; CPR;  Bleeding; Choking and Stroke - and you can then print off a certificate of achievement stating that you are now 'Prepared to Save a Life'  

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My mum did this course and said it was really good, so my sister had a go, and said it was epic, so now I've done it, and I am only 10!
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Victoria - November 2019

What is involved – what is my commitment to become Prepared to Save a Life?

The training is entirely free and takes approximately an hour.
Hard to find time all in one go? Don't let that put you off. The training is broken down into five short 10 minute sections, covering: DR ABC; CPR; Bleeding; Choking and Stroke.You can do these bite-size activities at different times if you prefer, returning as often as you like. On completion of all the activities, you will be able to print a certificate of completion – and feel more confident to act if you come across an emergency situation.

What some of our learners have said:

"I feel reassured I would feel able to step in to help in an emergency situation”

"Very easy to use and gives you the confidence to know you can help save a life”

"Concentrates the mind and brings a bit more confidence to a possible situation. I would not be a bystander now”

"I have learned a lot which hopefully could help to save someone in the future”

How to get your free online lifesaving course

Individual registration

If you just want to get yourself Prepared to Save a Life then registration is easy. Just select ‘Register below – or from the side menu.

When you register you will get an automatic email from the system with login details and a temporary password to access the Learning Management System.

If you are a business or organisation and would like to pledge to get a percentage of your people through the online course with the goal of becoming a Prepared to Save a Life accredited organisation, then we’ve set up a great way to support you on that journey.

We’ve got lots of things to help support getting everyone involved - including adoption packs, posters, infographics and much more.

Please note this course DOES NOT fulfil obligations under Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations to provide First Aid at Work Training. Face-to-face instruction and assessment is required to become a workplace first aider. This e-learning course is designed to give everyone, especially those who are not already first aiders, knowledge of how to help in an emergency. Our aim is to create a nation of live-savers!

How to register your employees/members once you have pledged

Follow the instructions for individual registration. Additionally, you may use the COMPANY field on the form to indicate which company/organisation you are from. Virtual College can use this field if you wish to monitor progress data for your learners at a later date.

If you would like to talk to someone about how you can get involved, then please email Or, if you would prefer to speak to someone in person, please let us have your number and a convenient time to call you.