Last updated: 29.01.18

Virtual College helps three million learners to develop their potential

Ilkley-based online training provider, Virtual College, has now helped over three million learners to develop their potential via its online courses, bespoke e-learning solutions and learning management software.

To put this impressive milestone into perspective:

  • It is the equivalent of delivering training to every man, woman and child in Wales!
  • The learners would fill Wembley Stadium 33 times over or fill 46,000 double decker buses!
  • The three million learners have completed nine million hours of online training – equivalent to over a thousand years!

During Virtual College’s 22 year existence, it has:

  • Helped learners from almost every type of public and private sector enterprise - from independent cafes to UK universities
  • Delivered training to every NHS Trust helping to train over 350,000 nursing and medical staff
  • Developed a catalogue of over 300 courses in subjects ranging from food safety & hygiene to employment law
  • Delivered over a million safeguarding courses
  • Trained over 600,000 catering staff to help ensure high standards of food hygiene are maintained

Virtual College recently achieved awards success at the Learning Technologies Awards, the TJ Awards, the Learning Awards and the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards. Its total learning solution includes Enable, Virtual College’s learning management system, which supports all of Virtual College’s learners.

Managing Director of Virtual College, Hannah Brindle, commented: “Our focus is always on the learner, helping them to develop their potential by providing challenging and engaging online learning which is relevant to their needs.

“The growth in the use of our online learning solutions has exploded over the last few years. This learner and organisation approval, and the independent industry recognition we are achieving via our awards success, gives us confidence that we are on the right track to sustain and build upon this growth.”

Virtual College has a team of over 150 staff who are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service and finding the right product to fulfil their training requirements.

The company aims to be part of the solution to the problems it trains its customers to solve. To tackle these issues, Virtual College has conducted projects to raise awareness around sensitive topics, such as child sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation.

As leaders in education on safeguarding children, Virtual College is actively involved with a number of children’s charities and, since 2008, has given over £270,000 to children’s charities worldwide, in both smaller and larger donations.

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