Last updated: 01.11.18

Seven Video Productions has pledged to 'Save a Life'

Seven Video Productions were approached by Rod Knox, CEO of Virtual College, to create a set of short 3-minute emergency life support videos focusing on the set of actions needed around the key lifesaving skills of CPR, choking and serious bleeding, the skills needed to help keep someone alive until professional help arrives.

Virtual College had responded to a plea from ‘Community Save a Life Scheme’ (CSALS) earlier in the year for help in their mission to ‘get a life saver on every street corner.’ CSALS, which was launched six years ago, managed by volunteers, is the inspiration of Dr Cheryle Berry MBE, who is a trustee, and John Hutchinson, an ex-army man and first aid trainer who, with the help and support of their local councilors in Bolsover District Council, had managed to teach these basic skills to almost 40,000 people across schools, youth groups, sports clubs, churches and Rotary and Inner Wheel groups.   

However, says Paul Sherwood, Business Development Director at Seven, as Rod Knox explained to me, impressive as those figures are, they realised that new thinking was needed if they were to achieve their mission – a life saver on every street corner – as a national concept. There is only so much a small group of dedicated individuals can do face-to- face – no matter how passionate and committed.  So, explained Rod “as part of our own charitable work, Virtual College is providing it’s time, resources and expertise entirely free, working with CSALS to digitise face-to-face training content so that it can reach a much wider audience, and it will then be delivered to the end user free via the online Learning Management System under the new initiative of ‘Prepared to Save a Life’”.

“As we worked with Virtual College to put together the training videos”, explains Paul, “our team, myself included, realised how ill-equipped we were as individuals to deal with emergency life support - the team have definitely benefited from creating this content.”

Once the training videos were complete, Seven then offered to use their specialist expertise in marketing video production to create an additional promotional video entirely free that could be used to get the powerful message across to end users about the value of spending just 45 minutes working through the training content to learn the essentials of emergency life support. “Just 7% of communication is delivered via words” says Paul “This is why a message delivered by video can feel so much more personal – and it doesn’t come any more personal than saving a life.” Their 2-minute promotional video can be seen here: 

About Seven Video Productions: 

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