Last updated: 13.04.15

Apprentices boost business loyalty

A new government survey has revealed that 56 per cent of businesses that offer apprenticeships in the UK say apprentices remain in the company longer than other recruits, helping to boost loyalty both inside and outside the workplace.

The study of 555 employers in England, conducted by Redshift, showed that as well as helping to create a skilled, loyal workforce, apprentices are enabling companies to attract new business.

One-third of those offering apprenticeships believe that apprentices are more committed to the business than other recruits, while 59 per cent say they choose to stay with the company for longer because they are provided with high-quality training, meaning they have the ability to learn and grow in the business from the bottom up.

Michael Taite, managing director at branding and design agency Blue Moon Creative, said: "Apprenticeships have transformed our business, in a low-risk way. Clients we want are more ready to talk to us, and people we might want to hire are queuing up.

"They have brought a fresh new dynamic into the company, making a big impression on clients and prompting us to review our approach to our processes, target markets and even the future of our business."

Some 76 per cent of employers surveyed said they make an effort to promote their apprenticeship credentials when pitching for new business, with almost 40 per cent saying it is the primary element of their pitch.

What's more, the research also revealed that apprenticeship schemes allow employers to stand out from competitors, with a third of all respondents more likely to choose a supplier or partner based on whether they offered apprenticeships.