Last updated: 24.11.12

Arecont Vision introduces online training in camera technology

Arecont Vision has announced the launch of an online training course that offers technological education on demand.

The firm - which is a leader in IP-based megapixel camera solutions - unveiled new advancements within its Arecont Vision University, which is currently a digital portal for reseller partner learning.

It made the move in order to meet the demand for its Channel Partner Certification Programmes (CPCP), which provide general certification and advanced certification courses that are held regionally through one-day sessions.

Once these qualifications have been awarded, graduates of the training are entitled to receive leads and above-average customer service, while they will also be able to purchase discounted demo cameras.

The company is now offering the CPCP TEC, an online product course which supplies information and tips to system integrators who want to install the company's multi-megapixel cameras.

Jason Schimpf, director of partner relations at Arecont Vision, said the new portal highlights the organisation's educational leadership in the security industry.

He added: "The CPCP TEC courses provide another way for Arecont Vision to support the needs of technicians installing our cameras."

Mr Schimpf explained the e-learning programme functions by providing users with a series of short video clips on the proper installation, configuration and servicing of the business' megapixel technology.

Each lesson is between five and ten minutes long and broken down into various segments so technicians find the instruction more comprehensible.

The online training features topics such as the installation of each camera family, updating camera firmware and how to set a custom exposure reference.

Users will also benefit from a camera web settings tutorial and a module on camera troubleshooting, while more advanced courses are due to be added in the near future.

"Since the courses are delivered via the web, we will continue to add new content to enable our certified partners to meet their ongoing education needs," Mr Schimpf concluded.

Although the CPCP TEC training is free of charge, those who are interested will need to register via the Arecont Vision University webpage.