Last updated: 28.06.11

Autism group launches online learning portals

Two new e-learning communities aimed at teachers have been launched by Eden Autism Services.

The organisation, which works to educate children and adults with autism, said the portals will be available through the professional social networking site

According to the company, partnering with a social network will help to extend its reach and provide teachers with a greater level of support.

"With the impact of social media today, we feel that it is vital for Eden be a part of this movement," said Anne Holmes, chief clinical officer of the US-based firm.

She added that working with will enable Eden to reach education professionals "all over the world" with its new e-learning programme.

The online portals are both entitled Effective Teaching Strategies for Students with Autism, but apply to children of different ages.

Eden, which employs more than 300 clinical staff, currently has an online community boasting in excess of 2,200 members.

Autism is a serious developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with other people. More than half a million people in the UK have the condition.