Last updated: 11.10.12

Bee'ah to expand its offerings of online environment courses

The Bee'ah School of Environment (BSOE) in the UAE has confirmed plans to extend its online learning services to more schools in the upcoming academic year.

In an announcement at the Kids Edutainment Show today (October 10th), the BSOE revealed it will enhance its student online portal and offer new features, applications and an interactive forum for teachers and pupils, reports.

The BSOE functions by registering teachers through an online portal and giving them access to environment-related material via usernames and passwords, which is then downloaded and delivered as they wish.

Following its expansion to the Eastern and Central Region of Sharjah, the BSOE will increase the reach of its environmental learning services by 35 per cent, looking to teach around 160,000 new students in 200 schools.

Khaled Al Huraimel, chief executive officer at Bee'ah, commented that the organisation is proud to raise awareness of "a sustainable future" of Sharjah and the UAE.

He was quoted as saying: "Bee'ah is doing a lot to spread this awareness through education and awareness programmes, as it is part of our mandate to prepare children and ultimately our community to practice sustainability within their daily lives."

By incorporating education into social interaction between teachers, students and parents online, the BSOE hopes to see a positive change in the treatment of the environment in local communities, Mr Al Huraimel added.

The developments will be supported by the Sharjah Education Zone and various corporate firms, who helped to secure the initiative over 120,000 students from 118 schools across the Emirate Sharjah in its second year.

For the third year, the scheme hopes to offer online learning to even more students through updated lesson plans and activities on the importance of recycling and conserving water, energy and natural resources.

It will use the same online educational programmes as it did in its second year, with improved digital interfaces and a website allowing students to integrate environmental lessons with social media.

"We hope that the BSOE will inspire teachers and students all over the UAE to take responsibility in their own hands for a greener and more sustainable world," Mr Al Huraimel concluded.