Last updated: 13.12.12

Blogger rolls out online training course

A top blogger has revealed he is rolling out online training to individuals who need help with starting up their own websites.

John Chow - whose own blog is currently one of the largest in the last two years - is making his course available solely on the internet and it can be accessed by any web-connected device.

The young man achieved success after teaching himself how to drive traffic and market his content around the world and his online programme is seeking to provide people with tips on his own experiences in the industry.

According to Mr Chow, his successful blogging has earned him 97,000 Twitter followers, 140,000 subscribers and 100,000 opt-ins to his email address.

He stated on his website: "This course teaches someone how to get started with a blog in a few short clicks."

The businessman developed the training material entirely by himself and it details the strategies he uses on a daily basis, to help aspiring bloggers follow down the same route, whether for workplace or personal use.

He claimed that by signing up to receive the e-learning, people will receive an instant quick-start guide that demonstrates how to create a money-spinning blog and provides secret techniques of achieving high content rankings.

The concept of blogging came from the 1998 use of the word 'web log' and it has now become a career move for thousands of people, while companies can use their web content to discuss new products or services without any additional marketing.

Mr Chow's achievements have led him to appear in prestigious publications such as the New York Times, the Globe and Mail and countless business and entrepreneur magazines.

Alongside his friend Peng Joon, Mr Chow asserted he has helped more than 182,000 individuals earn money in the last five years, adding: "We're still at the forefront of making money online and helping bloggers succeed."