Last updated: 30.09.18

'Prepared to Save a Life' featured in Bolsover Council Summer Newsletter

Bolsover Council promote Prepared to Save a Life in their summer newsletter

Over a number of years, Bolsover Council has been proactively involved in helping the Community Save a Life Scheme. The scheme, which is run by volunteers aims to teach emergency life support skills to as many members of the community as possible with an aim of providing ‘a life saver on every street’.

Virtual College most recently joined the campaign to help take the traditional face-to-face training online by creating a short e-learning course available for free!

The council has included an exciting two-page spread in their newsletter that goes to every household in the district. It chronicles the successes of the initiative and is being used to help promote the up and coming free online solution that will be launch Oct.

To find out more about the initiative and how you too can become prepared to save a life please visit