Last updated: 13.06.13

Boris Johnson unveils tech plans for London

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has revealed plans to make the UK capital the "best city in the world", with technology set to play a major part in his strategy.

Speaking at City Hall to mark the publication of his 2020 Vision - The Greatest City on Earth; Ambitions for London report, the mayor emphasised the importance of digital skills in shaping future industry.

He also claimed that children should be well educated and young people deserve the chance to develop the qualifications and confidence they need to get jobs in the tech, construction, finance and hospitality sectors.

In response to his proposals, Joanna Shields, chief executive of Tech City and UK business ambassador for digital industries, said through a bold vision, London's combination of creativity, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities has secured its position as the digital capital of Europe.

"Digital skills are the currency of the future and increasing the numbers of apprenticeships and workplace opportunities are vital to our continued growth," she added.

This means businesses ensuring their online offerings for employees are up to scratch and tailored to the needs of the forthcoming generation of workers.

Ms Shields continued to say that she is looking forward to working with Mr Johnson to improve digital skills, establish entrepreneurship as a credible career path and make London the best place to start and grow a business.

The first step for many companies in the capital - and across the rest of the UK - in embracing the digital age will be to make technology a major focus of workplace training strategies.

Using e-learning tools - such as those provided by Virtual College - is guaranteed to boost employee engagement and give staff the feeling that they are managing their own affairs. 

Regarding the training of the younger generation, the West Yorkshire-based institution has its own Apprenticeship e-Academy that serves to free up assessor time and reduce expensive administration costs for firms.