Last updated: 30.06.11

Cable & Wireless saves money using online learning tools

Business owners looking to train their staff using online learning courses could be encouraged following a recent announcement from Cable & Wireless (C&W).

The telecoms company has reported savings of £1.5 million as a result of selecting cost-effective internet programmes to improve the performance of employees.

After teaming up with education organisation Kineo for the past four years, the company has used a number of effective teaching methods to help staff in a fast-paced workplace.

The latest training scheme aims to inform employees about a range of subjects, such as data protection and security essentials, through simple 40-minute modules.

Speaking to, Mike Booth from C&W said: "I wanted to ensure that these courses were packaged as a programme that was not only attractive and easy to use, but also highly efficient at producing measurable learning outcome."

Kineo designs custom e-learning courses for businesses to improve the knowledge of employees through considering business objectives and target audiences for training.