Last updated: 24.08.11

Calderdale businesses score highly in food hygiene inspections

A total of 13 businesses across Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire have scored top marks for food safety.

In the latest round of hygiene inspections, officers noted how the Higgins Close Day Centre in Halifax and the Mixenden Parents Resource Centre were particularly noteworthy scorers, the Halifax Courier reports.

"We got five stars last time we were assessed and we're very pleased to have maintained that," said Mixenden Parents Resource Centre manager Liz Chiles.

She added that they hoped "to get three in a row the next time the inspectors come".

Other businesses getting top marks included several eateries at the M62 motorway services at Brighouse and St Johns Fun Club in Clifton, while AJ's Ltd in Hebden Bridge was reassessed and received four stars.

However, Sarah Daniels, a chartered practitioner and co-founder of health and safety website, has expressed concerns with some companies rapidly moving from zero to high marks, arguing that basic food safety standards of knowledge can only be acquired over time and with best practice.