Last updated: 15.09.11

Charity Round Up and Event news from the e-Academies

Charity Round Up

From Alexander Bateman of the Safeguarding Children e-Academy

The Safeguarding Children e-Academy regularly seeks to help good causes by allocating 5% of our turnover to charitable work. So far this figure has reached £120,000 which has allowed us to improve the lives of hundreds of children across the UK, not just through distance learning, but through active schemes to provide supplies and support.

If you know of an organisation that could benefit from the Safeguarding Children charity fund let Alex know at

So far this year we’ve donated to the following organisations.

  • Child Victims of Crime, a charity that aims to reintroduce some fun and enjoyment back into the lives of children who have been exposed to crime, send a family to Disneyland.
  • Martin House Children's Hospice, money which was spent on play equipment for terminally ill children.
  • The local befriending service in Bradford received £2000, allowing it to stay open long enough to secure long term funding.
  • St Oswald's hospice, could buy a year's supply of filters for their suction units. Many of the young people who visit the children's service at St Oswald's Hospice have acute respiratory problems and neuro-muscular disabilities such as muscular dystrophy. These children all require the use of suction to clear secretions from their lungs.
  • Or donations to Youth Scotland helped support a residential course aimed at increasing youth involvement in the community.
  • The Yorkshire Film Archive's Memory Bank. A ground breaking new health project, Memory Bank uses archive film footage to develop therapeutic films for use in dementia, residential and domiciliary care settings. The Safeguarding Adults e-Academy's donation will enable YFA to fund more editing time, selecting the right footage for the right audience, in order to develop 8 thematic strands.
  • Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA). campaigns for the welfare of African children within the UK and was established in May 2001 in the aftermath of the death of Jude Akapa, Victoria Climbie and Damilola Taylor, all children of African descent. We supported the production of a 10th Anniversary Booklet which will help highlight AFRUCA’s amazing achievements over the past decade.

Healthcare Events

From Stephen Brown of the Healthcare e-Academy

Meetings and Events

This week the Healthcare e-Academy account managers will be attending the Devon Annual Training day where they will be exhibiting a suite of courses and products. Later on they are supporting Kath Wilkinson; a Nurse Consultant/ Manager continence service at NHS Bradford at the Link Nurse Meeting continence care. Next week will also see Joe and Sue at the Newmarket NHS supplier's conference and the day after doing a whistle stop tour of three academy members in the area.

Patient Safety Week

Running from the 12th September to the 19th next week the aim of this scheme sees a focus from the NHS on Patient Safety. The Healthcare e-Academy will be showing its support by rolling out a succession of Patient Safety e-learning courses each day. The courses featured include 'The Safe Use of Bedrails' and 'The Management of Urinary Catheterisation'.

More information can be found on the Healthcare e-Academy portal here.