Last updated: 16.11.10

College finds e-learning success

Staff at Somerset College have spoken out about the success its students have had with e-learning.

A piece for This is the West Country revealed that the educational institution has found working with its pupils through online training courses and other such opportunities beneficial to all involved.

Having offered vocational distance since 2002, it now plans to step up its game with e-learning courses.

"Not everyone wants to go to college to gain a qualification, or undertake a paper-based course. It's a great way for people to learn at home in their own time," distance learning coordinator Jane Roberts told the publication.

Elsewhere, game publishing company Mastertronic and software enterprise 3MRT have launched a series of iPhone apps that deal with the subject, offering between 250 and 1,000 questions related to specific subjects for £1.79 each.

They have been proven in both the UK and US to enhance a user's knowledge of certain topics when utilised correctly.