Last updated: 17.02.15

Construction industry 'must attract fresh talent'

A skills shortage could be on the horizon for the construction industry if employers don't work to attract the best talent, according to new research.

The CITB's report, entitled Educating the Educator, revealed that 35 per cent of careers advisers do not consider construction as an attractive career prospect for young people, which could lead to an industry skills shortage.

In response to the findings, the CITB has partnered with the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) to encourage a change in attitudes towards the construction industry, which will attract fresh talent and subsequently contribute towards its sustainability.

The move follows the CITB's predictions that by 2019, more than 220,000 workers will be required in the construction industry in order to meet demand.

Stephen Ratcliffe, director of UKCG, said: "Perceptions of the construction industry are still very much stuck in the past. Many people, including parents, teachers and careers advisers, still see it as offering very limited career opportunities for young people in what is often seen as a physically demanding and male dominated industry.

"We hope that by showing young people first-hand the many roles that go towards creating some of the nation’s most iconic construction projects, we can inspire them to enter our growing industry further down the line."

Both the CITB and UKCG, along with a number of the UK's leading construction contractors, will be partaking in the third annual Open Doors weekend event, which provides young people with the opportunity to gain a first-hand insight into the industry.

This will take place on March 6th and 7th 2015 at a number of sites in local areas.

It is hoped that by educating young people about traditional roles like bricklaying and quantity surveying, as well as lesser known roles such as environmental management, they'll begin to think more about and consider a career in the construction industry.

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