Last updated: 28.06.13

Custom e-learning courses 'deliver flexibility'

Companies are increasingly looking at addressing their education and training requirements by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by online learning courses.

A particularly popular means of delivering this is through custom e-learning course developments.

This involves the creation and conversion of existing instructor-led course content into an electronic format.

Some of the benefits of this option include significant cost reductions on delivering professional training, as teams of trainers and administrators will not have to be employed in order to teach current members of staff.

Instead, the older training processes are replaced with a newer alternative that is much more progressive and modern - and it could be argued that e-learning has become the key to broader business development.

As the resources are digitally-based, they can be updated at any time so as to ensure they are up to date with the demands of staff, as well as wider changes in knowledge and generational trends.

Needless to say, this is a highly flexible solution that is able to cater for the needs of businesses that require large-scale training resources.

This has significant implications for firms that deliver repetitive training interventions such as inductions on a regular basis. These online learning resources are able to retain the content of an existing instructor-led training format, but can imbue it with the more exciting and modern qualities of an e-learning experience.

A company will find there are other benefits, such as a much higher degree of flexibility than is possible with traditional instructor-style training.

Learning can be accessed as and when it is convenient - and the impact of the courses can be more accurately assessed, as pre and post assessments can easily be integrated.

This also means the firm providing the training also owns their content, which means it can be distributed as widely as necessary - or with a more limited focus if this is required.