Last updated: 23.10.13

Digital tools 'can improve' workplace learning

Time, money and location are the three main barriers to workplace learning and development (L&D), but it is possible for HR managers to overcome these challenges by making use of technology.

Digital platforms are becoming increasingly advanced and allowing bosses at UK businesses to interact with and engage employees in more innovative ways.

According to a recent survey carried out by video specialist simpleshow, more than half (52 per cent) of L&D managers now use e-learning to convey information so it is easily understood and retained.

It is also a cost-effective measure that frees up resources and time to be dedicated to other workplace issues.

But which of the many digital tools are the most effective? In a post for Personnel Today, Jens Schmelzle - co-founder of simpleshow - has identified the top methods of engaging staff.

He said there are cloud-based tools that allow employees working in different parts of the world to brainstorm together via a shared virtual space.

If some members of a team need to fly to a far-flung destination for a meeting, then this tool serves to connect them to their colleagues and let them share ideas wherever they are. This overcomes the location barrier and is a much cheaper method of communication than calling.

Employers can also download cloud platforms that serve as digital noticeboards. Details of any future events of important meetings can be 'pinned up' on these sites, along with any useful videos or articles.

Mr Schmelzle further highlighted hi-tech presentation software as crucial to company performance, with many recent applications coming with extremely advanced features, like a zoomable canvas and improved visualisation tools.

One of the best bits of online kit all leaders should look to use is a learning management system, which is designed for the administration, tracking and delivery of online learning materials and is great for ensuring all business training is as organised as possible.