Last updated: 15.12.10

Distance learning courses 'offer flexibility'

One of the main reasons why individuals sign up to a distance learning course is because they offer flexibility, it has been observed.

In an article for the Deccan Chronicle Rupashree Mitra advised those who are considering enrolling on a distance learning course to check the accreditation beforehand to ensure the firm offering it has a good reputation.

The writer also suggested people ask for information on the exam modules, as some may be completed throughout the course, while others may take place in a fixed venue.

"Since you will not be attending classes, you need to have channels of communication with the faculty and staff by email and phone," Ms Mitra stated.

And she urged individuals to determine whether they will need to purchase software to enable them to complete the distance learning course.

Elsewhere, a recent feature in the Hindu claimed E-learning courses give students a wide range of choices.