Last updated: 15.06.13

Dragon's Den-inspired e-learning programme to launch

A new e-learning initiative based on the popular TV show Dragons' Den has been commissioned by the BBC.

The Dragons' Den Online Educational Programme is made up of a modular e-academy where business-minded young people can learn relevant skills and put their knowledge to the test, Is4Profit reports.

As well as take part in role play scenarios, participants can also watch and make notes on video clips of pitches taken from the format itself, before being asked various questions about how they would assess them in terms of risk and finances.

The aim of the online training is to equip the younger generation with transferable business skills they can take with them into the world of work, plus all individuals who take part will earn a certificate of completion following an e-academy exam.

Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire came up with the idea for the programme and Nigel Culkin, professor of enterprise and entrepreneurial development at the institution, said he is extremely supportive of the revolutionary new approach to experiential learning.

He added: "To date, more than 15,000 people have experienced this unique role-playing simulation, which I would sum up as increasing a person's self-confidence in taking decisions that once seemed beyond them."

There are lots of ways in which individuals can achieve their full potential using internet-based resources, with Virtual College's People Manager's Toolkit being one of them.

All of the institution's online courses are tailored to specific situations that are guaranteed to come up during a manager's career, such as making major decisions about tasks and accommodating the rights of employees.

In addition, they offer total flexibility, as participants can pick and choose when they look up materials for a certain module or course.

This is similar to the Dragon's Den programme, as participants can access the training in their spare time, as well as interact with other budding businessmen and women and monitor their progress on leaderboards, helping to motivate them throughout their e-learning journey.