Last updated: 19.11.13

Efficient online learning management tools 'essential'

Educational faculties and businesses could improve efficiency with the help of learning management systems (LMS) and cloud computing platforms.

Digital tools such as these are also set to become main priorities among universities and companies in future, according to consultancy firm Ovum's 2013 ICT Enterprise Insights research.

It was revealed that more than half of institutions surveyed are planning to update their LMS solution within the next two years in an attempt to feature the most innovative training systems.

Ovum analyst Navneet Johal said the role and priority of online learning is evolving rapidly, along with business expectations for functionality and service.

He added: "To secure their position in the market, LMS providers must be quick to expand their platforms to seamlessly incorporate compelling features such as social media, video, analytics, and other learning objects, keeping customer satisfaction high and prices low."

Constituent relationship management (CRM) strategies were also found to be becoming increasingly popular among higher education facilities, and currently just ten per cent of those studied do not have a CRM solution in place.

However, too few are relying on cloud computing for core enterprise applications, and less than 20 per cent reported they are utilising an on-demand delivery model, identifying that change is needed the most in this area.

Mr Johal explained there is a myriad of factors holding organisations back from moving their applications to the cloud, including uncertain returns on investment and security doubts.

"However, there may be some enterprise applications where cloud computing will be necessary, and vendors that are able to help institutions understand the differences are more likely to succeed," he continued.

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