Last updated: 20.01.11

E-learning applications to replace textbooks?

New e-learning style applications developed for media technology may be more useful in the classroom than traditional teaching aids, it has been suggested.

Students are finding that gadgets such as iPhones, when kitted out with an internet connection, allow access to a vast world of learning assistance that surpasses the scope of textbooks, Indian Express reports.

One particular piece of software mentioned, LearnNext by Airtel, injects interactivity into lessons, as well as hosting a forum where youngsters can voice and clarify their concerns.

With the increase in programs being developed for mobile devices, faculty Shivani Agnihotri observed that "education today is changing" with the digital age."Students have access to tools that allow them to enhance learning, wherever and whenever they want."

Earlier this month, the Guardian noted the Cedars School of Excellence in England is thought to be the first school in the world to conduct every lesson using iPads.