Last updated: 28.09.12

E-learning at Missouri Western on the rise

Developments in online learning at the Missouri Western State University (MWSU) are on the increase.

Since the 2008, the number of different online courses offered at the university has risen from 30 to 200, Griffin News reports.

Dr Gordon Mapley is one of the 90 faculty members to have worked towards the expansion of online learning within the university.

He was quoted as saying: "More and more student’s schedules are difficult with work and school that online courses are very essential for them to get the degree they are after."

Enrolment in e-learning courses is becoming more popular as a result of its value and affordability, he added.

The university has been able to provide these services due to a number of staff members giving up their time for the sake of online education.

Kay Dickerson, online teacher in English as a second language, stated that the courses are likely to benefit students everywhere.

She said: “It allows Missouri Western to draw students from all over the world and allows them to participate in programs that aren’t available at a lot of other institutes.”

Currently, MSWU has 249 students that only study online and the institution plans to increase this number with the help of a $1 million (£617,000) grant.

According to Mr Mapley, the financial aid will go towards the university's collaboration with the local industry to provide workers with four-year degrees beneficial to the area's economy and businesses.

Greg Kriewitz, professor of physical education at MSWU, has a split class of 145 online and campus students.

He claimed that tutors in online education put more effort into their students who study in this way, to ensure that the same material is covered both in the classroom and digitally.

Last month, nearby institute the University of Missouri announced plans to expand its online offerings following an investment of $2.5 million.