Last updated: 08.03.11

E-learning 'can assist businesses'

A Yorkshire-based organisation has created an online learning tool it feels would benefit businesses.

Learnscape, an e-learning product from Sheffield firm Learning Light, has been piloted over the last two years across the region and helps with the training of employees.

Learning Light spokesperson Gillian Broadhead said the programme would be a good investment for companies, while the technology may also help fulfil organisational functions in businesses.

"Employees are a great asset but they must have the right skills and knowledge," she added.

Ms Broadhead continued: "We believe that investing in e-learning to develop your employees is key to maintaining a competitive edge."

Learning Light has a network that includes more than 450 firms in the online learning sector.

The new product will give participating businesses access to a service intending to revive its infrastructure and leadership, as well as other social aspects of organisations.

Nintendo is also providing retail companies with an e-learning tool so its clients are informed of the new 3DS product, according to MCV.