Last updated: 18.12.12

E-learning 'can help with new business ventures'

With rising economic pressures and limited finances, it is likely that UK consumers struggling to find work are looking towards e-learning to help them start up their own companies.

According to Empowered, some people do not have the time to dedicate themselves to full-time business ventures because of other work commitments, but they may still require extra support from a self-employed role.

If this is the case, it could be wise for these individuals to consider online training courses that enable them to learn about crucial policies and start-up procedures in their own time.

By enrolling into these programmes, people can also learn how to optimise their own sites so that large amounts of traffic will reach it and generate interest in their organisation.

One provider to offer online training resources is Virtual College, which has developed its own Business Series of digital learning programmes.

Beginning with an induction, people are able to learn about a wide range of issues that will aid the development of their company and bring them success.

The facility runs modules in Principles of Personal Responsibilities and Working in a Business Environment, How to Recognise and Reward Your Team and also offers training in Equality and Diversity in the Workplace and Equal Opportunities and the Law.

Each section is supported by online assessment and can be branded to reflect the identity of an organisation.

Where this kind of training is convenient and can be accessed at any time of day, aspiring entrepreneurs are likely to find the flexibility benefits their self-employed venture.

Empowered Ezine stated one of the trending business ideas is online affiliate marketing, which involves selling or promoting the products of another organisation and receiving commission in return.

This means individuals do not require a product of their own, rather they make it their aim to market the offering of another company to the best of their abilities.