Last updated: 15.02.11

E-learning 'could reduce the cost of a masters'

Enrolling on a distance learning course has been suggested as a means of keeping down the cost of gaining a masters qualification.

Writing for the Guardian, Lucy Tobin highlighted that considering the expenditure involved is one of the most important aspects when weighing up the pros and cons of a postgraduate commitment.

She noted that the average cost of an MBA is £12,000, adding that they are going to become more expensive in 2012, when tuition fees are scheduled to triple.

Ms Tobin claimed that potential postgraduate students could benefit from the flexibility offered by distance learning – which can be done using online learning technology."Alternative options include long-distance learning or part-time study, which can be juggled with paid work or studying abroad. Some European universities' fees are far lower than those in the UK," she said.

Last month, the University of East Anglia revealed it was launching a new course that blends online training with mentoring and assessments to tutor surgeons in how to perform oncoplastic breast surgery.