Last updated: 18.01.11

E-learning 'delivers a confident, motivated workforce'

Companies have been urged to invest in technology-enabled training platforms, as quality online schooling can, when tailored to specific needs, deliver a more confident and motivated workforce.

This is according to Sarah Jones, chief executive of Learndirect, who noted in an article for HR Magazine that making moves in this area can boost profitability, which some of the biggest businesses in the world are already aware of.

Toyota, for example, makes an estimated cost saving of a minimum of 60 per cent on training programmes per employee, thanks to its e-learning initiative, while BT has saved approximately £12 million by removing costs of classroom-based sessions and instructors.

Ms Jones went on to observe: "[Technology] can achieve efficiencies that are much needed in this time of austerity."

Her comments come after Ruth Spellman of the Chartered Management Institute suggested online training could ensure workers build on their qualifications and develop skills.