Last updated: 07.12.12

E-learning guide to help Telford residents apply for grants

A new e-learning programme being rolled out in Telford and Wrekin is looking to help local people fill out grant forms successfully.In order to receive the benefits of financial assistance from charities such as the Community Foundation, residents in the area must be able to apply for help properly, Midlands Business News reports.Project manager Andrew McNamara joined the Community Foundation for Shropshire and Telford after completing his business studies degree at Bangor University in North Wales.The 22-year-old is going to launch a digital step-by-step guide that he is hoping people will watch and follow, so they can eventually receive the help they need.Mr McNamara told the news provider the business move is allowing him to fulfil his goal of contributing to Shropshire charities, which are currently making a huge difference to homeowners around the county."The pot of money is there and grants are there but people often find it difficult to complete the forms correctly so I hope this e-learning project will make the process easier for people," he added.He also urged households to approach those working with the initiative for help applying for financial aid to benefit their community, or if they want to find out if they are eligible for cash.The Community Foundation is one of six representatives of the Telford Pulling Together project, which was launched by Telford and Wrekin CVS.As part of the initiative, the body is seeking to enhance quality of life for local residents, encourage self-help, support voluntary and community sector groups and advise people on setting up businesses, constitutions and recruitment.Mr McNamara stated the online learning project has been designed to get rid of the myth that it is difficult for individuals to obtain grants and promote the fact they are easy to access with the right information."This has already developed into a very interesting project where I have been able to bring my skills and expertise to the charity," the young businessman concluded.