Last updated: 22.10.10

E-learning 'is educational and fun'

Online learning for youngsters can be simultaneously educational and enjoyable, it has been suggested, with a number of games available that teach core skills, as well as academics.

According to Camilla Chafer, acting editor of - a website for parents interested in ensuring their kids get the best possible start in life - there is a variety of pastimes to be accessed such as Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin. These not only teach ICT lessons, but also those in the value of being kind, financial concerns and achieving other targets.

"Older children will find a wealth of information that will help them with homework and school topics and give them a better understanding of the world around them," Ms Chafer explained. Her comments come off the back of research from the London School of Economics and Political Science revealing that children are going digital at an increasingly young age, with an average of seven years old being seen in Sweden and eight in other northern European countries, including the UK.