Last updated: 07.03.11

E-learning medical courses made available

Three new medical courses have been made available for enrolment by an online learning provider.

Netherlands-based CardioCollage has announced the addition of classes in acid-base physiology, 3D coronary anatomy, as well as first aid and CPR.

"CardioCollage has dedicated itself to making hospital education easier, more comprehensive and more efficient," the firm claimed.

It added: "The online medical courses ... utilise the latest educational tools - 3D graphics and animation to teach students."

The institution's latest options transmit concise information and data via the applications provided to those hoping to become experts in any of the three fields.

Since 2003, the e-learning provider has offered courses and programmes for medical doctors and students wanting to learn in a quick and straightforward manner.

Online learners may wish to take any of these new programmes using the new iPad 2 - released in the UK on March 25th - which is described by Apple as "thinner, lighter [and] faster" than its previous model, benefitting those who require mobile or remote access to the courses.