Last updated: 21.01.11

E-learning portal can qualify gemologists

Gemologists will now be able to expand their professional knowledge thanks to a newly available online course.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is utilising distance-learning technology to help students achieve a GIA Pearls certificate, which can pave the way to a diploma in the same field, RapNet reports.

Duncan Pay, GIA director of course development, commented that the internet platform is a vital way to equip future professionals with skills that are instantly transferable to the world of work.

He explained how technology allows the institution to communicate information about new developments and outlined the GIA's targets for the future.

"Our pearl experts, recognised around the world, share the latest discoveries and findings through our educational programs," said Mr Pay. "Our goal is to ensure we provide the most comprehensive education about them available."

This month, Indian Express reported media applications are contributing to a digital way of schooling that exceeds the scope textbooks can offer.