Last updated: 23.03.11

E-learning portal 'creates business opportunities'

A real estate firm in the US has unveiled an online learning portal, which it claimed will enhance the training of agents.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate hopes its e-learning system, which is called Managing Broker Academy, will provide a new method for the sector's managers to educate their agents while fulfilling the potential of their businesses.

Acknowledging that modern learning relies on virtual interaction, Coldwell Banker president Budge Huskey said the portal will help generate a "balanced business strategy".

"[Online learning] can supplement in-person and face-to-face training with videos, podcasts and social learning tools, so our affiliated managers and brokers can further propel their businesses," he added.

The programme involves students exploring a virtual office building that offers a news feed in its lobby and numerous online discussion groups, where industry experts can be consulted.

Earlier this month, Learning Light spokesperson Gillian Broadhead claimed that e-learning can ensure businesses maintain a "competitive edge".