Last updated: 21.02.11

E-learning provider the Virtual College launches 5S mobile app

Online learning provider the Virtual College has released a new free-to-download app for smartphones which will give managers a clear view on the principles of 5S and how it benefits a business.

Chloe Weatherhead, manager at the establishment, said that for all sectors, be it food hygiene or any other, having a good understanding of 5S is critical going forward.

The principles describe how items are kept in a workplace, how each new order is maintained and standardises how work needs to be carried out.

Ms Weatherhead stated that all members of a team can benefit from the technology.

"5S Bitesize provides an easy to understand app that can be used anytime, anywhere for both managers looking to find out more about the principles of 5S as well as employees tasked with implementing it," she added.

The 5S management productivity tool originated in Japan and focuses on five principles - sort, straighten, shine, standardise and sustain.