Last updated: 24.04.13

E-learning scheme welcomed by Welsh education minister

A scheme seeking to integrate digital technology into teaching practices and learning experiences across Wales has been praised by Welsh education minister Leighton Andrews.

The Lifelong Intergenerational Furthering Education (LIFE) programme, which has been developed by headteacher of Casllwchwr Primary School Simon Pridham, is turning to online training as a way of improving standards and performance.

According to Mr Andrews, LIFE draws together themes that are relevant to educators across the nation, such as family engagement, the transformation of the lives of children with additional needs and the development of skills which industry in Wales requires.

He added: "The programme's focus is very much inline with my own priorities for education in Wales: supporting and improving literacy and numeracy and reducing the effects of poverty on learner attainment."

A LIFE Learning Lounge has also been set up, which equips pupils, teachers and teaching assistants with tablets, laptops and plasma screens so they can improve their IT skills. This is sure to make for a more captivating and imaginative educational experience that some more traditional methods of teaching fail to offer.

It also means that factors like wealth and background are irrelevant, as the scheme is planning to roll out 21st century digital skills to all schoolchildren, while improving their basic academic knowledge and enhancing their learning.

Mr Andrews further stated it is important to break down any barriers to learning and ensure the potential of the internet is unlocked and used to reach out to all pupils and practitioners who need support and encouragement.

To help with this, he explained the Welsh government is investing £39 million "to ensure that every school in Wales has the essential connectivity and infrastructure they need".

It has also recently launched Hwb, an online learning platform that allows teachers and pupils to access digital resources - including its own iTunes U channel - wherever they are and at any time of day.