Last updated: 21.12.10

E-learning strategies could be more popular in the world of business

Many businesses have recognised the importance of IT, it has been claimed.

Gerry McLaughlin, of, said the whole sector has remained resilient during the recession.

This could perhaps be because many firms have adopted E-learning policies in order to help their workforces stay ahead of the game and gain new skills.

"IT jobs salaries and contract rates barely went down during the downturn and are now back up above levels of two years ago," Mr McLaughlin observed.

In previous times of economic uncertainty, many companies cut their IT budgets, but now they see their IT departments as being core to their business strategy.

His comments follow the release of a report by the Centre of Economics and Business Research, which predicted IT will lead business recovery and will expand by 5.1 per cent in the next five years.

And during this period of growth, 93,000 additional jobs will be created.