Last updated: 26.01.11

E-learning to boost parents' self-esteem?

A new line of online learning courses could lead to happier single parents.

Its development has been masterminded by a networking website specifically catering for lone mothers and fathers, One Space.

The group is dedicated to supporting its members as they try to deal with the problems they encounter in life, which they may now be able to do more confidently thanks to this series of self-development classes.

Sue Cohen, chief executive officer at Single Parent Action Network, thinks the net-based lessons on topics including dealing with stress and life coaching are an ideal way to assist people.

"By helping them to identify goals and providing the tools to do so, we can support them in creating a better life for themselves and their children," she said.

Last month, Georgina Read, co-founder of Reabur Ltd, claimed enrolling on distance learning courses is a good way for adults to expand their individual skills set.